Salaar Storms Box Office, Prabhas Hits ₹250 Crore Worldwide in 2 Days

Witness the cinematic juggernaut! Salaar's box office roar surpasses expectations, crossing a phenomenal ₹250 crore globally in just 48 hours. 

Prabhas shines bright! Salaar, the blockbuster sensation, not only mesmerizes audiences but also sets new benchmarks, hitting the ₹250 crore mark worldwide. 

Salaar's triumph is unstoppable! Day 2 witnesses a box office spectacle as Prabhas starrer storms into the hearts of fans, collecting an astonishing ₹250 crore globally. 

Unleashing Prabhas's magic, Salaar conquers! The second day sees the film soaring high, achieving a colossal ₹250 crore in worldwide box office collections. 

Salaar's meteoric rise continues! Prabhas's stellar performance propels the film to a staggering ₹250 crore worldwide, solidifying its blockbuster status. 

Global acclaim for Salaar intensifies! Prabhas's cinematic brilliance catapults the film to a remarkable ₹250 crore, marking a triumphant box office journey. 

Salaar conquers hearts and box office charts! Prabhas's charisma propels the film to a resounding ₹250 crore worldwide in just 2 days. 

Prabhas in Salaar: A global phenomenon! Day 2 witnesses a box office extravaganza, with the film crossing ₹250 crore, creating waves internationally. 

Salaar's whirlwind success! Prabhas's stellar portrayal leads to a spectacular ₹250 crore collection worldwide, making it a must-watch cinematic spectacle. 

From screens to hearts, Salaar reigns supreme! Prabhas's cinematic prowess propels the film to a groundbreaking ₹250 crore globally, setting new standards.