PM Modi Reaches Out to V.P. Dhankar After 20 Years of Insult: Addressing the Mockery Incident

"A historic call: PM Modi breaks silence after two decades, reaches out to V.P. Dhankar following a prolonged period of insults." 

"Diplomacy in Action: How PM Modi's outreach to V.P. Dhankar aims to mend long-standing grievances and bridge gaps." 

"20 Years of Insults: The backstory leading to PM Modi's crucial conversation with V.P. Dhankar over the recent mockery incident." 

"Statesmanship on Display: PM Modi's decision to address personal insults reflects a commitment to reconciliation and unity." 

"Political Fallout: Analyzing the potential impact of PM Modi's outreach on the political landscape and public perception." 

"Beyond Politics: Unpacking the human aspect of PM Modi's call, signaling a shift towards resolving personal conflicts." 

"National Conversation: The incident that prompted PM Modi's call sparks discussions on the nature of political discourse in India." 

"Leadership in Action: PM Modi's approach to resolving conflicts sets an example for constructive dialogue in political circles." 

"Media Response: How the press and public are reacting to PM Modi's unexpected move to address long-standing grievances." 

"The Road Ahead: Speculations on the potential outcomes and implications of the PM's initiative in the political arena."