Darci Lynne surprises judges by performing solo without her puppet in the America's Got Talent: Fantasy League semifinals. 

Judges initially questioned her decision but praised her for taking a bold step in her career. 

Darci expresses her desire to break away from her ventriloquist image and pursue a serious music career. 

She emphasizes the importance of not being limited and showing her ability as a solo artist. 

Darci reflects on her journey from a shy ventriloquist to a confident performer. 

Despite judges' support, Darci fails to advance to the finals as America votes differently. 

Darci's decision to perform solo resonates with her goal of connecting with people through music. 

Coach Heidi and other judges commend Darci for following her instincts and making her own decisions. 

Howie Mandel compares Darci to host Terry Crews, acknowledging her diverse talents. 

Darci's journey on America's Got Talent: Fantasy League showcases her growth and determination as an artist.