Animal Roars to Global Success: Ranbir Kapoor's Action Epic Hits ₹700 Cr Milestone 

Unleashing Cinematic Power: "Animal," Ranbir Kapoor's blockbuster, storms the global box office, crossing the ₹700 Cr mark in just 10 days! 

Action Extravaganza: Brace for Impact as "Animal" dominates screens worldwide, leaving a trail of adrenaline-fueled excitement and record-breaking collections. 

Ranbir's Triumph: Witness the charismatic actor's stellar performance as he spearheads "Animal" to surpass global box office benchmarks, overshadowing even Shah Rukh Khan's "Pathaan." 

International Craze: "Animal" trends globally, captivating audiences with its gripping storyline, intense action sequences, and Ranbir Kapoor's magnetic on-screen presence. 

Box Office Marvel: "Animal" not only entertains but also conquers, proving to be a commercial juggernaut that sets new standards in Bollywood's action genre. 

The ₹700 Cr Club: Join the celebration as "Animal" proudly enters the elite league of films with a staggering global collection, cementing its place as a cinematic powerhouse. 

Ranbir vs. Shah Rukh: Explore how "Animal" outpaces "Pathaan" at the box office, marking a significant triumph for Ranbir Kapoor in the clash of titans. 

Audience Raves: From Mumbai to Manhattan, discover why audiences worldwide are raving about "Animal," praising its gripping narrative and breathtaking visuals. 

Bollywood's New Benchmark: "Animal" isn't just a movie; it's a cinematic revolution, raising the bar for Bollywood's action-packed blockbusters. 

Global Spectacle: Immerse yourself in the worldwide spectacle of "Animal," a film that transcends borders and languages, captivating hearts and conquering box offices globally.